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CL 38 TEAK CLEANER is a highly effective cleaner for teak and other types of tropical wood. Its unique concentrated formula enables easy removal of stains and weathering from exposure to environmental attack. Restores the original appearance of wood. Combine CL 38 TEAK CLEANER with TEAK OIL or DECK OIL to preserve and protect the clean surface.


  • High performance cleaning agent
  • Highly concentrated
  • Restores the original appearance of wood
  • Suitable for many types of timber
  • Easy to use


CL 38 TEAK CLEANER is suitable for many types of tropical wood such as teak, iroko, bangirai, merbau, meranti as well as other types of exterior wood such as pine, fir, oregon etc.

  • Restores the color of faded garden furniture such as tables and chairs, boat decks, outdoor wooden garden decks, seafront and pool decks.
  • It is also suitable for any type of unvarnished wood construction such as pergolas, flower pots, fences etc.
  • Regular application will help prevent the wood from greying and maintain the original colour and appearance.


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