Glanol Metal Polish Ultra Soft


gentle intensive cleaning for cars and more!



Bring your metal ultra softly on bright lustre! Glanol ® ultra cleans softly and polishes all shining metals – without damaging the surface. A special formula generates a waterproof protective film against dirt, rust and corrosion. Glanol ® ultra can be used by the high quality and nursing achievement also for the removing stubborn soiling (insects, to tar spots) from varnished metals.

Care, you clean and polish ultra softly everything what is dear to you and expensive: from the board silver or jewellery up to the beloved old-timer. Skin-acceptably and freely of poison!

Product details:

– 100ml tube GLANOL metal polish ultra soft
– gentle reinigung and beaming shine
– well-chosen components
– waterproof protective films before corrosion
– careful care
– extremely fertilely and long long-lasting
– cream-like consistency

Particularly suitably for:

– all shining metals like high-grade steel, chrome, silver, brass, copper, bronze, tin and aluminium
– oldtimer, Classik coaches and cars, truck (e.g. chrome strips, rims)
– motorcycle and motorcycle parts – music instruments (e.g. trombones, trumpets, saxophones)
– sail boats and yachts – coins, board silver and antiques
– jewellery and watches
– and a lot more


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