Glanol Metal Polish 100ml

shining protection for cars and more!



Bring your metal on bright lustre! Glanol® metal polish is a special, very high-quality intensive cleaning for long-term protection and extremely softly to the surface. The special formula generates a waterproof protective film against dirt, rust and corrosion.

Care, you clean and polish with Glanol® metal polish all shining metals as for example high-grade steel, chrome or silver. Skin-acceptably and freely of poison!

Product details:

– 100ml tube GLANOL® Metal Polish
– gentle reinigung and beaming shine
– well-chosen components
– waterproof protective films before corrosion
– extremely carefully
– very fertilely and long long-lasting
– cream-like consistency

Particularly suitably for:

– all shining metals like high-grade steel, chrome, silver, brass, copper, bronze, tin and aluminium
– Classik coaches and cars, old-timers, truck (e.g. chrome strips, rims)
– motorcycle and motorcycle parts – music instruments (e.g. trombones, trumpets, saxophones)
– cultivation parts in sail boats and yachts
– coins, board silver and antiques
– jewellery and watches
– and a lot more