Protecting clear wax for wooden surfaces based on natural beeswax

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T-WAX is wood wax treatment with cleaning and nourishing action. The special blend of natural waxes enriched with silicone is excellent for nourishing and cleaning wooden surfaces. It produces a rich, satiny luster. It naturally protects wood and guards against dryness and frequent use.


  • Removes finger marks, coffee cup rings etc.
  • Protects wood against dryness
  • Produces a rich, satiny luster
  • Suitable for a variety of surfaces


  • Ideal for nourishing unsealed wooden surfaces
  • Protects polished woods, lacquered surfaces, plastics, ceramic wall tiles, vinyl upholstery, leather and metal.
  • Suitable for most wooden surfaces such as antique furniture, floors, cupboards, doors, woodcarvings, claddings, accessories where a tough protective varnished surface is not required.


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