Powerful carburetor, injection, valve, and metallic cleaner

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MINOS CARBURETOR CLEANER is a powerful carburetor, injection, valve, and metallic cleaner. It cleans oxidation residues and sediments and reduces deposition by restoring engine performance and reducing fuel consumption. It directly dissolves deposits of coal, mud, grease, grease, varnish, and dirt from the carburetor valves, flaps, plates, and cylinder. Forms a very thin layer that protects against corrosion on bare metal surfaces.


  • Resets the maximum engine power
  • Improves the operation of components with moving parts and in particular fueling systems
  • Direct dissolving action
  • Leaves no residue
  • Easy to use


  • Cleaning the body and all points of the carburetor, injection, valves, and metal parts. It penetrates difficultly blocked points
  • Cleaning the entrance of the air, all entry points, and the valves. It is important to keep the vital parts moving free from deposits so as to maintain a smooth flow of air into the system. This is vital because even a small roughness of the surface from deposits can prevent smooth operation and cause power losses
  • It is also suitable for cleaning metal surfaces from dirt and grease residues

Spray: 400ml


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