Hybrid water soluble impregnation oil

A low odor water based decking oil that contains special UV filters. Its revolutionary hybrid technology combine the penetration properties of an oil with the durability of an acrylic. The product is water repellent.

Low odor
Inhibits mold
High weather resistance.
Easy to apply & dries quickly
Contains special UV filters
Resistance to chlorinated & sea water
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Smaltoxyl hydro DECKING OIL DECKING OIL HYDRO is a low odor HYBRID water based penetrating oil that applies easy and dries quickly to allow fast project completion. The product provides protection from chlorinated water and seawater. Its revolutionary hybrid technology combines the penetration properties of an oil and the durability of an acrylic for advance weather resistance

Its water repellent and contains special UV filters and mold inhibitors for added protectionSuitable for protection of exterior new wood decks such as iroko, teak etc. or for their maintenance. Not suitable for nonwooden surfaces as well as for drive on surfaces.