Mini Drill Accessories Set 250 pcs incco AKMG2501


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Package Contents Contains: 76 pcs Cutting discs 60 pcs Sandpaper 1 pc Sanding wheel 10 pcs Grinding wheels with shaft 4 pcs Elastic polishing wheels 5 pcs Felt discs 1 pc Felt tip 1 pc Fabric tray 6 pcs M 2 pcs M carving 4 pcs Parts guides 6 pcs Drills 2 pcs Sandpaper shafts 4 pcs Nozzles 1 pc Fiber grinding disc 1 pc Key 1 pc Stone 2 pcs Polishing ointments 12 pcs Grinding discs 5 pcs Sandpaper Grinder
Remarks Also suitable for tools of other companies


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