Decor Xylofarm Aqua Gel

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Waterproof wood protection varnish of water hybrid technology with polyurethane in GEL form DESCRIPTION DECOR XYLOFARM AQUA GEL is a resinous protective varnish for wood, in GEL (gel) form, for easy and uniform application on vertical and horizontal surfaces with excellent performance and coverage without dripping and running.The new hybrid technology of water-based polyurethane and acrylic resins, with a mixture of waxes and special resins of new technology allow it to penetrate the wood for excellent protection against environmental damage. Contains UV filters for effective protection from solar radiation.Prevents browning and decay of wood. It does not swell thanks to its great elasticity that follows the contractions and expansions of the wood. It offers effective protection against all weather conditions while emphasizing the natural beauty of the wood. Due to its composition, it protects the dry film from the growth of fungi, especially on surfaces exposed to high levels of humidity and/or adverse weather conditions. It is almost odorless and user friendly. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Available in transparent and many natural shades.